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Upper Suriname

The trip to Upper Suriname departs early in the morning from Paramaribo. We drive South in a comfortable bus, towards the hydro lake. Our first stop is at Baboenhol, a beautiful resort on the Suriname River. Lunch is served and you have the opportunity to swim in the river. Afterwards, the trip is continued by bus to Atjoni where a dug-out canoe is ready to take you on a beautiful and exciting trip on the Upper Suriname River with its impressive soela’s (rapids). You arrive at Asidonhopo where you have the opportunity to go for a walk in the Maroon village.

The following day, you depart by dug-out canoe to Kumalu Island, a simple and peaceful resort with primitive huts that reminds you of a village of indigenous inhabitants. Kumalu is situated in the Pikin Rio river.

From Kumalu, we take walks through the villages in the area and you get a chance, among others, to see woodcarving of the local people. A cultural evening will teach you more about the culture and history of the Saramaccan people and you can enjoy traditional dancing and even try it yourself.

You have the opportunity to relax and swim in the Tapawatra Falls, a magnificent rapid. On Sunday, we depart on the river to Djoemoe and we return by airplane to Paramaribo during the day.