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French Guyana

Location: French Guiana is situated on the northern coast of South America
Government:    Overseas department of France
Language:the official language is French
Population:Approx 200,000
Currency:    Euro
Time:3 hours ahead of GMT. Time difference compared to the Netherlands, in Summer 5 hours, and 4 hours in Winter.
Climate:Tropical. High humidity with an average temperature of 28°C.
The short dry season from early February until end April
The long rainy season from end April until mid August
The long dry season from mid August until end November
The short rainy season from end November until end January.
Electricity:110 Volt
Travel documents: Passport valid at least three months after return
Yellow fever vaccination
Covid vaccination
PCR tests at the border both on departure and on arrival in Albina and St.Laurent.

For this trip you will need proof of a yellow fever vaccination. You also need a multiple-entry visa or a re-entry stamp.

Cayenne is the Capital of French Guiana. Nearly half of the entire population lives here. Cayenne is located on the northern coast of the country and was built on an Island that was formed between 2 beddings of the Rivière de Cayenne. The city is also the most important sea harbour of French Guiana and is called Degrad des Cannes. You find beautiful museums and many ancient churches.

It is the trade centre of the important shrimp and wood industry. Kourou lies 50 kilometres from Cayenne. There you find the remnants of old sugar refineries. Kourou exists of an old and a new part of town. In the older part the local inhabitants live in traditional houses and it is also where most of the night life takes place. This is where you find night clubs, bars and restaurants. The newer part has a modern design.

Wide beaches with boulders form the coast of Kourou. Kourou provides many opportunities for all kinds of water sport activities. When you go further inland you find a swampy area with many palm trees. The interior has great biodiversity and is interesting for nature lovers and adventurers. Before the coast of Kourou lie the Isle de Diable, Isle Royale and Isle Saint-Joseph. You can visit these tropical Islands of Isle Royale and Isle Saint-Joseph by boat.