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Tour French Guyana

Saint Laurent, Yalimapo, Kourou & Cayenne (4-day tour)
We leave Paramaribo early in the morning and travel to Stolkertsijver where we stop over to have breakfast and to stretch our legs. Then we drive on to Albina where we cross the river to Saint Laurent. Here you get the opportunity to shop and to enjoy French bread, wine and cheese. From St. Laurent a bus takes us to Yalimapo. At this village you get to know the Indigenous culture. With any luck you may walk into a tortoise during a walk on the beach. 

The next day a bus takes us to Kourou. We arrive early in the afternoon. After lunch we visit the space museum. After the visit to the museum you may enjoy a fresh breath of wind on the beach of Des Roches and afterwards go on a sightseeing trip through Kourou. You may spend the night as you please and stay at the Des Roches Hotel.

On the 3rd day a Catamaran takes you to Devil’s Island. An experience tour guide shows you around. You also visit the museum. Round 17.00 o’clock you leave for Cayenne where you will stay at the Best Western hotel.

On day 4 we take you on a sightseeing through Cayenne. After this tour we go to the beach of Montjoly to have lunch. After lunch we return to St. Laurent from where we proceed to Albina and then on to Paramaribo.