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Location:Guyana is situated on the north coast of South America
Government:Democratic Republic
Population:Approx.  825,000
Language:The official language is English
Currency:Guyanese Dollar
Time zone:Guyanese time is 3 hours ahead of GMT. Time difference compared to the Netherlands, in Summer 5 hours and 4 hours in Winter.
Climate:Tropical. High humidity with an average temperature of 28°C.
The short dry season is from early February until end April
The long rainy season is from end April until mid August
The long dry season is from mid August until end November
The short rainy season is from end November until end January.
Electricity:110 Volt
Travel documents:Passport valid 3 months after return
Yellow fever vaccination
Covid vaccination
PCR tests at the border both on departure and on arrival in Southdrain and Guyana.

For this trip you will need a multiple-entry visa or a re-entry stamp.

Guyana is the country of many rivers, and also the country where the Caribbean and South America melt into one another. The country with a coast line of 450 miles long also has a rain forest and a savannah.

Life in Guyana is dominated by the main rivers such as the Demerara, Berbice and the Essequibo River. These rivers are the access roads to the interior. 

About a quarter of the entire population lives in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. This city is mainly built of wood. It reminds you, first of the Dutch colonial times followed by the English colonial times.

Georgetown boasts modern hotels, shops and a boulevard with palm trees on either side.
When you visit Georgetown, be sure not to miss the St. George Cathedral, the largest wooden building in the world. And have you heard of the Kaieteur Falls, one of world’s largest waterfalls. You have an excellent view on the Orinduik Falls and the Marshall Falls. Guyana has great natural riches and is therefore the place to be for both the adventurer and the eco-tourist.