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Guyana’s Trail

Gyuanas Tourism Adventure Trail

A discovery expedition through the three Guyanas with the Guyanas Tourism Adventure Trail. A tour program which offers destinations in Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana in an all-in package. The trail leads you through French Guyana, straight through Suriname to Guyana.

The border crossing at the Marowijne River (between French Guyana and Suriname) is characterized by the limited and irregular cross-river connection. Limited due to the transport capacity of the ferry link and irregular because of the often changing departure times of the ferry. You can get a visa for Suriname in Cayenne.

Normally, the visa application procedure takes at least one week but Buscovery Tours takes these limitations and irregularities into account and will still succeed in offering you a pleasant trip.

Canawaima ferry boat The second border crossing (between Suriname and Guyana) is also characterized by limited cross-river connection, this time due to the crossing frequency of the Canawaima ferry, which sails only once a day in both directions. Also the poor road condition between Nieuw Nickerie and Southdrain (ferry bridge) are mainly in the rainy season, a true challenge for the Guyanas Tourism Adventure Trail.