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Location:Suriname is situated on the north coast of South America
Gouvernment:  Democratic Republic
Capital:Paramaribo (placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List)
Language: The official language is Dutch. The common language Sranan Tongo,
is spoken by everyone
Population:  Approx. 490,000 inhabitants of which approx. 260,000 live in Paramaribo
Currency: The Surinamese Dollar (SRD)
Time zone: Suriname time is 3 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
The time difference compared to the Netherlands in Summer is 5 hours ahead, and in Winter 4 hours.
Climate: Tropical with a high humidity. Average temperature is 28°C.
The short dry season is from early February until the end of April,
the long rainy season is from the end of April until mid August
the long dry season is from mid August until the end of November
the short rainy season is from end of November until end of January.
Electricity: Generally, 110 Volt/60 Hertz
Travel documents:  A valid passport and visa

Suriname is a multi-cultural country. There are indigenous people, the Amerindians and Maroons,
but also Hindus, Creoles, Javanese, Chinese, Europeans, Brazilians and many other ethnic population groups that each maintain their own traditional culture. Suriname’s versatility is not only reflected by the population, but is also characterized by the many beautiful sights Suriname has to offer.

These sights range from wooden buildings and many monuments in Paramaribo, to the Maroon and Amerindian villages in the interior. In Paramaribo, you will imagine yourself to be in the colonial times, and the interior is still unspoilt as if time has stood still. Ancient-old customs are still part of the daily lives of the inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest. 

Then there are the sea turtles that come to the beaches of Galibi and Matapica each year to lay their eggs. Bigi Pan is the nature reserve where you can spot various exotic birds. Next to sea turtles and birds there is also a great diversity of flora and fauna. The tropical rainforest forms an impressive environment with all its sounds, scents and different shades of green.

The coastal area is less varied than the interior but even here you can admire beautiful palms and flowers. It goes without saying that animal lovers will have more than enough to see. It is no coincidence that a caiman, venomous frog, macaw or one of the eight different types of monkeys can turn up.
Be sure to experience the diverse cuisine Suriname has to offer. You can start the day with a Chinese dim sum breakfast or a delicious codfish roll. In the afternoon you may decide to taste an Indian Roti and for dinner you can enjoy the famous BB&R (Brown Beans & Rice). There are many more dishes to choose from which you will just have to try for yourself.